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Jeffrey Smith (00:00):
I am with an expert that can tell me an answer to a question that I’ve had, and I think you’ve had. So, we’re on Amazon, right? And we’re trying to buy Co Q-10 or AstraZeneca or something that is a supplement, and we’re looking, which one should I buy? And I’m thinking they’re all the same, right? Look for the lowest price per tablet. But you guys at Now Foods actually study and buy stuff off of Amazon and run it through machines like this. And all around here. What’s true,
Katie (00:37):
There’s a lot of products on Amazon that is not true. There are brands that take the opportunity to be able to sell on Amazon at cheap price. And price is typically something that we can identify bad players within the industry by.  Price, when it’s too low, it’s definitely a red flag. So, you should not only pay attention to price. There are some value brands like Now Foods. So, we don’t sell our products at elevated pricing. We want to make sure that we provide products at competitive pricing. But I think the key is to know your brand, (and) research your brand. If the company doesn’t even have an address or they don’t have a website, that’s another red flag.
Jeffrey Smith (01:31):
So, what kind of things are you finding in the cheats? If they say Co Q-10 or if they say one particular thing. What are you finding that’s not up to speed? Is it the amount? Is it the quality? What is it?
Katie (01:46):
It’s the potency of the product. It’s either the potency of the product that is not met or the label is worded in a deceiving way. So some bad players, some companies are meeting their label claim by disclosing or wording their labels in such way that is very, what’s the word?
Jeffrey Smith (02:16):
Katie (02:17):
Deceptive, yes, deceptive to the customer.
Jeffrey Smith (02:19):
So, I’m with Now Foods. Now Foods has been a supporter of the Institute for Responsible Technology for years. In fact, Now Foods has been a non-GMO player, maybe as long as I have. And I’ve been working on it for 27 years. And so, I happened to be getting a tour here and learned about their 19,000 tests they perform per month. The fact that their quality control tests probably outstrip any other supplement company in the world and that they test for heavy metals and the nasties that we want. But they also really look at the details that no one else is looking at. And so, I was happy to hear that. I don’t have to worry about Amazon prices. I have to go for the companies that I respect. Thank you so much, Katie.
Katie (03:10):
Thank you.