What is GMO 2.0 and Why Should I Care?

Please take a look at our 3-minute video explaining how the new GMOs pose an unprecedented existential threat.

New genetic engineering technologies, such as gene editing are being hailed with the familiar promises of revolutionizing food production, medicine, fuels, textiles, and other areas while allegedly posing no risks and thus need no regulation.

We don’t think so.

A closer look at this next generation technologies – or “GMOs 2.0”- reveals potentially greater risks than existing GMO technology. Many products made using new genetic engineering technologies, such as gene editing and in some cases synthetic biology are entering the market with little or no regulation and even with “natural” or “non-GMO” claims. Learn more about gene editing and what can go wrong in an interview Jeffrey did with Jonathan Latham here.

IRT is expanding it’s focus. We’ve always been involved in educating regulators, politicians, etc..about the dangers of GMOs in the food system. But this goes well beyond food. Now we need to alert the world about the potential existential threat from GMOs replacing nature.

We’ve created a new website dedicated to this issue and building the global coalition raising awareness around this issue. Our campaign is called Protect Nature Now and can be found HERE.