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  • There’s now overwhelming evidence that GMOs are so dangerous and high risk that they should never have been introduced into the food supply.
  • studies and publications are highlighted: Health Conditions, GMO Myths and Truths and a compilation of animal feeding studies.
  • A listing of some of the health effects of consuming GMOs/Roundup shown in animal feeding studies

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Studies Showing Damage

Gluten and What Triggers Sensitivity

Excerpts from Genetic Roulette
GMO 2.0



GE Insects and Fish



SUMMARY – Science Guide

There’s now overwhelming evidence that GMOs are so dangerous and high risk that they should never have been introduced into the food supply. You won’t hear that statement by companies like Bayer that bought Monsanto. They maintain that, “GMOs are completely safe.” Take a look at the The Cover-up section to find out why and how they continue to make those statements in light of all of this evidence.

In a peer-reviewed article appearing in International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Jeffrey Smith compiled the evidence in a scientific manner. The article explains why GMOs, Roundup and Bt toxin potentially caused such dramatic changes in the people who reported getting better when they switched to non-GMO and organic diets. The survey itself compliments the nearly 200 citations in the article explaining the link to health conditions.. Some of the citations from the book GMO Myths and Truths. The authors present up-to-date animal feeding studies showing severe and significant changes in animals force-fed GMOs. These were each peer-reviewed, published studies or alternatively, industry studies that were made available, but not yet peer-reviewed.Below are the health conditions explained in the book.

Severe organ damage and increased rates of large tumors and mortality

Altered blood biochemistry

Multiple organ damage

Potential effects on male fertility

Stomach lesions and unexplained mortality

Immune responses and allergic reactions

Immune disturbances

Enlarged lymph nodes and immune disturbances

Disturbed liver, pancreas, and testes function

Liver aging

Liver aging

Disturbed enzyme functioning in kidney and heart

Higher density of the uterus, the lining of the uterus

Severe stomach inflammation

Liver and kidney toxicity

Changes in the level of fats in blood and signs of liver

There’s A LOT of evidence out there and it’s not quoted by the biotech industry. Many of these are clearly shown as statistically significant when you compare the experimental group fed GMOs with the group fed non-GMOs.
Visit the cover-up section to find out how biotech industry rigs their research to avoid finding problems, and covers up these dangers or tries to explain them away. Independent scientists agree that there’s plenty of evidence. It’s not a smoking gun, it’s a smoking shotgun, where the compilation of the evidence is sufficient to raise a major red flag. GMOs are dangerous and should not be eaten.