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  • The introduction of GMOs brought health issues to pets
  • Vets report pets getting better on a non-GMO, organic diet
  • Let’s create a tipping point of consumer rejection in the pet industry

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Dr. Michael Fox who had a syndicated column called “Animal Doctor” that had 25 to 30 million readers started receiving letter after letter from pet owners saying that their dog or cat now had digestive problems, diarrhea, itching, and allergies. He wrote them all back and said, “Take your animal off of GMOs.” He said he has a file drawer filled with response letters saying it worked.

Other veterinarians who were active prior to the introduction of GMOs in the food supply, also noticed a change in the pets soon after GMOs were introduced. Greater amounts of cancer among other things – digestive problems, skin conditions, allergies, itching, etc.

Veterinarian Barbara Royal (you can watch her interview on our pages here) said that the first thing she does now is to put the animals on healthier food and that resolves the problems for most of them. She says that by the time they come to their second visit, 80% are now managing well, 40% completely gone and the other 40% are managing the issue. Only 20% have not really responded to the change. So changing the animal’s diet is critical.

In these pages, you’ll be able to find some recommendations for pet foods that don’t use GMOs, don’t have glyphosate levels or have very low levels of glyphosate.

Please share the pet videos on your social media pages. We want to create a tipping point of consumer rejection in the pet food industry just like we started in the human food arena. If pet owners switched their pets to non-GMO, then there’d be changes that they can see. Plus, it’s so much easier for a pet to go non-GMO and organic than a human because you may have one brand choice or two brand choices that you make for a pet, and a thousand decisions that you have to make, all the time, as a human adult. So it’s so much easier to protect those who rely on us for making good decisions, our pets.

IRT created a ten-minute short film to raise awareness of this important issue. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to learn more about how our pets are suffering from diseases related to GMOs and pesticides.

The film features exclusive interviews with prominent veterinarians and true stories alerting us to the health risks to our pets and how to help them recover.

So safe eating for yourself and for your pets.